The Pancake Breakfast Meetup story

It was a just a craving to have pancakes on a sunday morning, roughly 6 months back. I injected this into a few of my friends that morning and we went out searching for pancakes in Bangalore. For some reason we could not get any. May be we were very late for breakfast or we searched at the wrong place. So we finally ended up having something from somewhere.

But the idea of having pancakes with chocolate syrup and fruits was stuck in my head. More than that, the taste of the pancakes mom used to make, when I was a kid, was unforgettable. So a week went by and we decided that we will make pancakes ourself.

So finally on that weekend, I called up my sister and got the recipe, surprisingly it was so simple. Just 4 ingredients ” Flour, milk, egg, sugar”. So we made our first batch of pancakes that day and it was quite good. Mr Arun, and Mr Varun gave me certificate of excellence for my cooking. We made pancakes a couple times after that and I was feeling, ‘I am a Pro at it now’ ;).

So then on last saturday 2nd Nov 2013, I had a week in which I skipped Breakfast on every single day. So that’s not good, atleast that’s what everyone says about skipping breakfast. So I just had a random idea, lets cook our signature pancakes for everyone and make it a Breakfast party. I called up Varun  and he was like ” Let’s do it Bro”. Made an event on FB and invited everyone in our network who are in Bangalore. And I made myself the “self proclaimed chef” and Varun made himself the “Self Proclaimed event manager”

And here goes the shopping list

So the shopping was done on our way for a Diwali party on the saturday night. By the time we had around 12 confirmations and we were super excited. So we made a strict resolution that we will be sleeping before 12 midnight so that we wake up fresh for the breakfast. But you know, we always take such resolutions. But doesn’t work that way. right !!

So we went to bed by 4:30 AM and that too at a friends place on the other end of the city which is around 1 hour away from our Kitchen. (So to make it clear, the Breakfast is scheduled for 8.00AM.)

We had an alarm for 6.00AM, so woke up by 6.45 AM 🙂 and started driving at 7.15. And we started getting calls asking where we were. Anyway we reached by 8.15nish. Did some basic cleanup and made coffee for everyone who had reached.

Soon people started coming in and I was still sleepy and I started getting angry guests telling me that they were hungry. So we started mixing the batter and made our first pancake and as always, it was a burned one. So we started improvising and got the first good pancake. “Yummy”

So the kitchen started getting crowded and pancakes started vanishing from the pan. So we started getting amazing pancakes and made good combinations with chocolate, nutella, maple syrup , honey and fruits.

Now the number of chefs were increasing or everyone in the house was chef. So I am proud that I taught around 20 people how to make pancakes.

Basically I did not cook. The kitchen was taken over by everyone.

We made some tea which is my special secret recipe 😉

So we had a lot of pancakes. Had every combinations of syrups, fruits and pancakes. Clicked a lot of photographs. Talked a lot. Had a lot of fun. Listened to music. someone sung and Balu was drumming.

The best part of the breakfast was that we met different people. There were entrepreneurs, hot shot IT pros, lovers, musicians and sweet ladies 😉

Another good thing that happened was that we all woke up early in the morning on a sunday and realised how long a sunday is and how much we could do on a sunday.

So now many people are asking me when the next Breakfast is. So we will do it again, soon.

Due to the huge interest, we have a page now on Facebook. You can get updates there:


2 thoughts on “The Pancake Breakfast Meetup story

  1. I LOVE that in Bangalore you are meeting-up to make and eat pancakes! As an American growing up in the cold, cloudy Pacific Northwest [Seattle, Washington], I’ve been eating and cooking pancakes my whole life. But the best pancakes I’ve EVER had can be found at many eateries in the town of X on Maui – macadamia nut, banana, coconut bathed in maple syrup and topped with whipped cream, sliced bananas, coarsely chopped macadamias, and grated coconut – divine! Wish I could join – bake on!

    Los Angeles, CA.

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